Essential Training Program

About the Authors


Over our time in this business we have created many tools that have helped our team members so we decided to share with everyone.  Please enjoy looking through out tools from the Essential Training Manual down to our Welcome Guide and Trackers. We hope you enjoy and they help you as much as they have helped us!


Jennifer Hudgens

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Hudgens is from San Diego where she lives with her amazing husband at the beach.  She has her doctorate in physical therapy as well as being a training yoga instructor.  In the summer of 2009 her life took an unexpected turn when she was in a bad car accident. Thankfully this bumpy road brought doTERRA into her life.  As she started to build her doTERRA business she felt there was something missing with the training of new business partners. That is what inspired me to partner with Lori and Kristine and bring the Essential Training Program to life!


Meet Lori 

Lori Jimenez lives in San Diego, CA with her loving husband and two kiddos.  She was initially drawn to doTERRA to help with her personal journey of arthritis and quickly embraced the natural lifestyle throughout her whole home.  Prior to doTERRA she ran a graphic design business, so partnering with Jen and Kristine to put together these manuals allowed her to combine her two loves, essentials oils, and graphic design.  She loves taking a simple message and making it beautiful.

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Lori Jimenez


Kirstine Jopski

Meet Kristine

Kristine Jopski, lives in Colorado with her hilarious husband and their two beautiful and precocious daughters. When she was first introduced to doTERRA she was very skeptical of essential oils and their effectiveness. However, after using them and finding relief from a long-term health struggle, she became an immediate believer. Prior to creating this training manual, Kristine was frustrated by having to gather resources and tools in various places.  She wanted one manual that had it all, and that is what she helped ot create!